Midwest Foods Association (MFA) was established in 1975 as a means for a select group of family owned egg producers and processors to cooperatively purchase egg packaging materials.  Our participation based organization currently pools volume on, and places out for competitive bids, the following commodities: corrugated egg cases, molded pulp filler flats, molded pulp and foam egg cartons, liquid and dry methionine, and vitamin/mineral premix and feed additives, vaccines, and day old chicks.
The association operates on a two year bid cycle for these commodities with packaging contracted the even years and feed additives, vaccines, and baby chicks on the odd numbered years.  Interested vendors are welcome to contact the MFA office for details and to be added to the Invitation to Bid List.  All current and prospective suppliers participate in a pre-bid conference in advance of submitting quotations on their products to best understand the requirements and advantages of our volume purchasing programs.  We are proud of the long term relationships we have with many suppliers and look forward to establishing more in the future.
Our association is member owned and operated and is participation based rather than dues based.  We currently enlist the talents of all sixteen members from several different states to help direct our group, and use their volume to add significant scale to our annual purchases.  Our members are active in leadership of all egg industry groups and represent approximately 37 million layers worth of purchasing power.  Those same members, mostly second and third generation farms, have 989 years of doing business collectively and are always looking for new members to join the group.
The association conducts a number of other value-added member events, functions, and programs throughout the year to educate and entertain all members which adds to the fraternal nature of our group.
We welcome your inquiries!